Ad Hoc Programme – Call for Proposals

Lightning talks, digital preservation games, original digital preservation graphics – this year’s iPRES offers exciting submission categories beyond the traditional paper, panel, poster, workshop, tutorial and demonstration submissions. These Ad Hoc sessions do not go through a formal peer review process, are not be submitted through EasyChair, and the abstracts are not part of the proceedings. 

iPRES 2019 Ad Hoc Programme
There are several categories in the Ad Hoc programme:

  • Lightning Talks
  • Digital Preservation Games 
  • Original Digital Preservation Graphics

 These sessions will:

  • have a lightweight submission process 
  • be coordinated and lightly reviewed by the iPRES 2019 Programme Committee
  • have a rolling deadline and acceptance cycle: 28 June – 26 August
  • be handled on a “first come, first served” basis
  • Final notification on acceptance: 1 September

Lightning talks
Lightning talks present a five-minute presentation on a topic, recent developments, or a specific theme followed by any remaining time for attendees to ask questions and discuss. We will determine the number of lightning talk sessions based on submissions. 

Digital Preservation Games
Bring your ideas along to share at the second iPRES game room. The Digital Preservation community has benefited from fun ways to learn about digital preservation and curation. iPRES 2018 showed this in many ways. In 2019 we will continue this great idea as there will be three game room sessions on the programme. This category includes any form of board, video, or other game format broadly defined that addresses, illustrates, amplifies, or explores any aspect of digital preservation.  The proposed game can be at any stage of development or design from idea to beta version to a game that is already developed and ready to try, provided that it will be ready to play at iPRES 2019. 

Original Digital Preservation Graphics
Share your examples of any illustration, diagram, or other graphic that explains, demonstrates, examines, or speculates about digital preservation principles, concepts, practices, development, or topics. We are looking for graphics that have been “created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation and/or something serving as a model or basis for imitations or copies.” (source: entry for original). Original Graphics include infographics or any form of design image, may be a static or animated images, and may be provided in any kind of shareable format to be displayed during the iPRES 2019 Ad Hoc session and. Examples: Our community has benefited from some informative and useful graphics developed by community groups and individuals, e.g., the OAIS Reference Model (page 4-1), the DCC Lifecycle Model, and the DPM three-legged stool, We know there are lots of existing examples – tweet your examples: @iPRES2019 #DPgraphics.

Ad Hoc Programme Now Full
Thanks to a very enthousiastic response from the digipres community, the Ad Hoc programme is filled with great topics! Submissions were handled on a “first come, first served” basis between 28 June – 26 August.

All presenters must be registered to attend iPRES 2019.