Posters & Demos

Instructions for Submitting Posters and Demonstrations

Posters are ideal for reporting on emerging issues and on works in progress. Demonstrations provide an opportunity to highlight and share innovative solutions. Both require an extended abstract of up to 2 pages that clearly describes the topic to be presented and states its unique contribution to the field. Posters and demonstrations should aim to improve knowledge, show new technical capabilities, or share solutions and experience in the field.

This year we are inviting digital-only poster submissions. Specific instructions on preparing posters will be provided by the Programme Committee to accepted authors. The poster session will include a poster exhibition session on the second day of the conference. The poster session will also include the creation of a short video, with a maximum of 60 seconds. Videos will be presented on screens during all conference days. Specific instructions on preparing videos will also be provided by the Programme Committee to accepted authors. Note that there will not be a “minute madness” session this year. A Best Poster Award will be celebrated at the conference dinner.

  • Template: For all submissions authors have to use the iPRES 2019 templates
  • Submission format: Save submission to format of the template.
  • Submission upload: Upload your submission in pdf-format to Easy Chair. During the EasyChair submission process, the following selections must be made:
    • Type of submission: Select Poster or Demonstration
    • Conference Theme(s) Addressed: Choose one or more relevant terms from the Call for Contributions:
      • Collaboration: a Necessity, an Opportunity or a Luxury?
      • Designing and Delivering Sustainable Digital Preservation
      • Exploring New Horizons
      • Building Capacity, Capability and Community
      • The Cutting Edge: Technical Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Further Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the template to make sure all relevant information is available for the review process.

For Demonstrations only:

  • Required infrastructure and/or resources: Indicate the materials required in order to run the demonstration (e.g., PC, projector, audio, WiFi, etc).
  • Duration: Indicate the length of the demonstration.
  • Goals: Explain 2 or 3 of the central goals of the demo (e.g. improve knowledge about the domain, show the new technical possibilities for accessing data, search for solutions through discussion and sharing of experiences, etc.).