Workshop & Tutorials

Instructions for Submitting Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

Workshops are intended to be hands-on and/or participatory. Proposers are free to decide how to structure and design them. Workshops might concern the development of a skill, or discussion and collaboration on the topic covered in the workshop. Workshops prioritise hands-on work and/or participation, with less time dedicated to presentation.

Tutorials should focus on a single topic. They are an opportunity to explicate a method or procedure, or gain experience with tools. They preferably include some hands-on learning. Proposers are free to decide how to structure tutorials. They can include time for group discussion of the content covered. By the end of the tutorial, participants are inspired and equipped to deploy their new skills.

  • Template: For all submissions authors have to use the iPRES 2019 templates
  • Submission format: Save submission to format of the template.
  • Submission upload: Upload your submission in pdf-format to Easy Chair. During the EasyChair submission process, the following selections must be made:
    • Type of submission: Select Workshop or Tutorial
    • Conference Theme(s) Addressed: Choose one or more relevant terms from the Call for Contributions:
      • Collaboration: a Necessity, an Opportunity or a Luxury?
      • Designing and Delivering Sustainable Digital Preservation
      • Exploring New Horizons
      • Building Capacity, Capability and Community
      • The Cutting Edge: Technical Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Further Instructions: ¬†Follow the instructions given in the template to make sure all relevant information is available for the review process.