Conference Programme


Thursday 19 September 2019, 11:30 - 12:30


Detailed Programme

PIDs & Preservation: Incorporating persistent identifiers in a preservation strategy

Helena Cousijn (DataCite), Amanda Bartell (Crossref), Craig Van Dyck (CLOCKSS) and Ivo Wijnbergen (ORCID)

A persistent identifier (PID) provides a long-lasting reference to an entity. PIDs should be open and unique and should resolve to a digital representation of the entity. Used in this way, PIDs can serve as an important component in digital preservation strategies for academic resources. In this panel discussion, representatives from leading PID organizations will explore roles that PIDs can play in digital preservation strategies. We invite the participants to engage in a conversation on how PID providers can work with the preservation community, and what preservation strategies they should be deploying with PID metadata.

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