iPRES Charter Review: a brief guide to the  future

William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition
@williamkilbride, william.kilbride@dpconline.org

In the last newsletter I introduced the idea that the iPRES charter would be reviewed and made a comment about how the review group wanted to be inclusive and open about this process. We’re going to be taking a few steps over the next few months and want to involve as many as possible in this: those who haven’t yet been to iPRES but are interested; regular attendees; and everyone in between. 

I can’t predict the outcome but I can introduce the process, and that means anyone with an interest can be ready to participate.  The process is entirely based on volunteer effort so there’s a risk that we won’t hit all our milestones and deliverables perfectly. But if we set out our timetable then there’s some hope that the community will keep us on schedule and hopefully be patient if we deviate a little.

So here’s what to watch out for:

December 2018

January 2019

  • Set up the Review Group
  • Establish communications plans and platforms
  • Draft work plan for the review

February 2019

  • Finalize and announce Review Group Members
  • Confirm and announce roadmap

March 2019

  • Share current charter for feedback
  • Draft and share survey to seek feedback on future of iPres
  • Continue communications

April 2019

  • Close call for feedback on current iPres charter
  • Close call for survey responses
  • Review group and ad hoc members review the comments received
  • Establish and agree areas for review

May 2019

  • Publish draft revision for comment

June 2019

  • Document decisions on revisions and next steps

July 2019

  • Finalize revised charter
  • Formulate any other recommendations from feedback and process

August 2019

  • Finalize revisions and recommendations
  • Submitted revised charter to STG for review
  • Prepare for public session

September 2019

  • Open house community meeting at iPres 2019
  • Amendments to charter proposed
  • Discuss at iPRES Steering Group meeting: review draft and recommendations
  • Request adoption of revised charter and identify follow up actions

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